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  • Batteries keep us rolling and give us conveniences in our trucks and horse trailers. But if you don’t maintain them, you’ll be stranded and surprised. I run a lot of toys from my eight 12 volt outlets in my truck from my cooler to my motion detector in the trailer. Diesel trucks use two 12 volt batteries for extra power to start a diesel engine. This also gives you reserve power going down the road. With 4 batteries between your truck and trailer, proper maintenance is as important as checking our trucks oil level. There's new technology that can do most of the work for you.
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  • Sulfation builds up on battery plates naturally when chemicals in the battery acid discharge to the point where they crystallize and coat the lead plates. The more the plates are coated, the less charging they hold. High-frequency pulse technology works to actually reduce the buildup of sulfation on the battery plates. SolarPulse Industrial Solar Charging System is a product that reenergizes the sulfates, removes them from the lead plates back into the acid where they have a purpose in cycling. Sulfation of the lead plates is the largest cause of battery deterioration.