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Centramatic Automatic On-board Tire and Wheel Balancers: know that vibration is not normal. Automatic truck wheel balancers, beside reducing your tire heat by 8 to 10% and increasing tire life by 25 to 50%, the design also helps reduce brake heat and brake dust that transfers to the tires and wheels. These “On Board” balancers will keep your tires balanced automatically.
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Centramatic Truck & Trailer Tire Balancers

Even if you don’t care about your load, your trailer tires need to be balanced to reduce wear. However, even if you make balancing a regular part of maintenance, the wheels will slowly go out of balance, resulting in cupping. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to counter these forces: Centramatic truck tire balancers. These plates bolt on the axle studs behind the wheels. Inside, they have ball bearings suspended in a fluid. As the wheel spins, the bearings flow to the lightest corner, dynamically balancing the wheel and taming vibration.

We carry Centramatic trailer tire balancers in most common trailer wheel sizes. Want to save wear and tear on your truck? We also have Centramatic truck wheel balancers that fit most heavy-duty trucks.