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DirecLink brake controllers, Tuson Sway Control and Tuson TPM like cars and trucks, same sensor used by Toyota and Nissan, but for trailers. Monitor trailer tire pressure and heat from the truck cab. Move the monitor to any truck. Will read up to 203 psi, great for 14 and 16 ply tires. Know if you trailer tires have a bad brake or bearing. Tuson TPMS detects tire heat and can save your tires. https://mrtrailer.com/tuson-tire.htm
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Tuson TPMS Tire Sensors

Our selection includes Tuson TPMS sensors for adding to your rig, letting you keep an eye on tire pressure and temperature, avoid potential accidents and save your tires and wheels before they’re torn apart. These superior systems use balls inside of the tire instead of a valve stem sensor, complete with a mobile screen, and ideal for use with all of your tow vehicles, including semitrucks, pickup trucks, RVs, horse trailers, goosenecks and more.

Tuson DirecLink, for over 30 years, Tuson has been the standard for upgrading and improving travel trailer braking systems, and MrTruck has handpicked the best selection to simplify your search. The truck trailer brake controllers in our selection assist your trailer in slowing down with your truck, while trailer sway control kits use the brake system to correct trailer sway. These components are a must-have when hitting the road, and choosing quality will make all the difference. Shop our superior selection today!

Tuson Sway Control, electronically controls your trailer brakes to stop sway. Self-adjusts to dial in sway control to keep your trailer straight. Even adjusts for different wear in your trailer tires.