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Rock Tamers Mounted Mud Flaps

When you tow, you need to protect your trailer and truck from rocks kicked up by your rear tires. However, mud flaps can get in the way when you aren’t towing, and they act like air brakes, cutting into fuel economy. Rock Tamers truck mud flaps get around this problem by using a hitch mount instead of attaching directly to your truck.

Rock Tamers rock guards are stiff, so they stay vertical, even at highway speeds. This makes them effective at shielding your trailer from debris. Rock Tamers hitch-mounted mud flaps are available in 2-, 2 ½- and 3-inch hitch sizes. The mounting yoke only needs 1 inch between your hitch and receiver. Most receivers have enough space for the yoke. If your receiver is too short, you can get the space you need by installing a hitch sleeve.