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To explain what a WD hitch does, think of it as a bridge between the towing vehicle and your trailer. This bridge comes complete with an adjustable under truss called spring bar/arm trunnion bars. Which join the trailer “V” tongue of the trailer to the hitch head and receiver hitch that arches the bridge upward to spread out the weight.. The head with the trailer ball attached to the trailer coupler/hitch, bolts to the shank which is “L” shaped with adjustment holes for proper hitch height.This union allows you to distribute the trailer weight evenly to all axles of the truck/SUV and trailer.
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Equal-90-02-5210-90-02-5379 Equalizer trailer-Brackets for 8-10 in trailer frame 2 for 90-02-5210 and 2 for 90-02-5379

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution trailer tongue L-Brackets - 6k to 14k  8-10 in trailer tongue frames. 2 Kits contains  2 part# 90-02-5210 and 2 part# 90-02-5379

Our Price: $94.00
Equalizer Boat Pole adapter Equalizer Boat Pole adapter

For boats with surge brakes and have a single pole that is at least 24 inches long from the center of the coupler. Questions call Kent 303-883-1300

Our Price: $119.50
Fastway WDH E2 Equalizer Fastway Weight Distributing Hitch E2 94-00-0600 2 in ball 91-00-6080

Fastway e2 Weight Distribution with 2-Point Sway Control- Round Spring Arm 2 in ball 6000 lbs Gross Trailer Weight, 600 lbs Tongue Weight 2 in ball, 2 in receiver shank

Our Price: $378.00
Fastway e2 E2-94-00-1061 Equalizer Fastway Weight Distributing Hitch E2 94-00-1061

Fastway e2 Weight Distribution w/ 2-Point Sway Control - Round Spring Arm Free 2-5/16 in Hitch Ball - 10, 000 lbs Gross Trailer Weight 1,000 Tongue Weight

Our Price: $400.00
Equalizer 4 point sway control Weight Distributing Hitch 90-00-1200 includes ball Equalizer 4 point sway control Weight Distributing Hitch 90-00-1200 includes ball

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution with 4-Point Sway Control 2 in Shank- 12,000 lbs Gross Trailer Weight, 1,200 Tongue Weight 3" drop 7" rise 2-5/16" ball, max 6 in trailer frame height

Our Price: $850.00
Equalizer WDH 90-00-1600 Equalizer 4 point sway control Weight Distributing Hitch 90-00-1600 includes ball

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 16,000 lbs Gross Trailer Weight, 1,600 lbs Tongue Weight. 2-5/16" ball. 4" drop 6" rise. Fits 4-8" trailer frame. 2-1/2 in receiver hitch shank.

Our Price: $925.00

Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitches for Truck Trailers

Sway control is important for the stability of your rig, but most systems are difficult to set up and they don’t work in some towing conditions. Equalizer sway control trailer brackets solve this problem by using solid bars and mounts that are affixed to the hitch. This eliminates the slack of chain-based systems and allows the brackets to work in all weather and at all speeds. With an Equalizer weight distribution hitch, you can control sway and adjust tongue weight to maintain front wheel traction. This improves handling and makes driving safer.

These hitches are designed for standard trailers. By adding the Equalizer Boat Pole adapter, you can use Equalizer hitches with your single pole boat trailer.