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Like a torsion trailer axle or Hendrickson suspension on a semi-truck, Sulastic Rubber Springs are a cast hinge embedded with rubber and they do settle the empty ride down considerably. After Sulastic, the F250 vibrates less. Sulastic puts tension control on your leaf spring, taking some of the impact out of the spring action. Sold in Pairs
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Sulsastic SC-03 Sulsastic SC-03
Our Price: $410.00
sulastic,overload springs, supersprings,timbren Sulastic SC-04
Our Price: $480.00
Sulastic leaf spring helper Sulastic SA-05W,
Our Price: $480.00

Sulastic Rear Shackle Rubber Cushion Springs

Do you wish your truck had a better ride when it’s unloaded? Shackles with Sulastic rubber springs are the ideal shackles for empty trucks because they have added vibration isolators. Sulastic shackles with rubber torsion supports absorb vibrations from the leaf springs, reducing frame and bed movement. The result is a better ride and less wheel hop when unloaded, improving braking and handling. When your truck is loaded down, Sulastic rear shackle rubber cushions act like normal shackles. They bolt to factor leaf spring shacles, requiring no modification to your suspension. Once installed, they increase the ride height by less than ½ inch.

Sulastic truck kits are designed around specific truck suspension systems, so they’re tuned for the spring rates and loads for each vehicle. Before you order, check the application information to be sure the parts you’re ordering fit your truck.